About us

Together my wife and I, have been competing in agility since 2006 and this is where we also met. Fast forward a few years and add a house, daughter and many dogs between us, we still enjoy the agility competition life, whether at home or abroad. Our dogs and agility play a huge part in our life, it’s our passion, and we are fortunate that we can share this as a family.

Over the years we have owned and worked with a variety of dog breeds from Malinois to Shelties, and together with our dogs we have shared many wonderful experiences and a lifetime of memories, that has taken us all over Europe to many prestigious international competitions.

Building that partnership with our dogs and watching them have as much fun as we do, warms our hearts. We are driven by their enthusiasm, their love and their friendship, not forgetting the speed and adrenaline rush of stepping onto the start line with your best friend, no matter how big or small the competition.

In recent years, we have seen dog agility evolve more and more into a top competitive sport, for the dog this is demanding on them both physically and mentally. We therefore believe it is our job to support them as althetes and this is why we created Vtalize. As we believe this completely supports the optimum health and requirement of an active dog.

We are extremely proud and believe in our range of Vtalize products and every ingredient used has been carefully hand selected by us, after extensive studies with professional experts. We don’t only sell Vtalize or just believe in it, we swear by it.

We use Vtalize for our own dogs as part of their active lifestyle and dog agility regime. So why would we keep this a secret, we wouldn’t, and this is why we are now sharing this range with you, so you can supply your dog with the ultimate sporting fuel. After all, only the best is good enough, right?