Vtalize supplements provides optimal support, to enable your sports dog to perform at their peak performance at any level. With the use of Vtalize products sports dogs can improve their performance and reduce the risk of injuries to sustain a successful sporting career.

Vtalize contains active ingredients, that provides a highly concentrated product, which requires only a small dose for optimal effect.

Sport supplements have been used for years by human athletes and have been shown to contribute to their success. So why not do the same for our dogs? They are also athletes, and this is why Vtalize products have been specifically tailored to their needs.

We are proud of Vtalize products and stand by each ingredient used, as we believe only the best is good enough to support our dogs! Supplements only serve as support and cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet.


Vtalize supplements are specially designed to fully support your dogs during and after exercise and thus optimising their performance.

Vtalize Instant Energy

Vtalize Instant Energy is a tasty energy drink, that helps your dog replenish the minerals used during exercise and maintains the moisture balance level and energy level. This supplement can be used before and / or during exercise.

Vtalize Recovery

Vtalize Recovery is a unique formula that stimulates muscle recovery after exercise. Muscle recovery is necessary to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. This supplement can be used for active dog and is specifically tailored for those who work or compete in sport such as: agility, flyball, canicross, sled etc.

Vtalize Silflex

Vtalize Silflex promotes joint flexibility and supports cartilage maintenance by replenishing the natural occurance of silicon in your dog’s body. Vtalize Silflex is an innovative formula based on the synergistic action between silicon enriched with MSM and glucosamine.


A handy shaker for all your dog’s Vtalize products.


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