Vtalize Silflex promotes joint flexibility and supports cartilage maintenance by replenishing the natural occurance of silicon in your dog’s body. Vtalize Silflex is an innovative formula based on the synergistic action between silicon enriched with MSM and glucosamine.

This will improve and support mobility in your dog, as they grow older as well as having a positive effect on joints and muscles of young active dogs. Research and evidence suggests that animals who have administered silicon were less susceptible to injuries.

Silicon is an essential mineral that plays an important role in improving bone mineral density and strength by boosting the production of bone building cells. Silicon supports the production of the body’s own glucosamine, as dogs do not always consume enough easily absorbable silicon from their food, that can cause deficiencies within their body..

What does Vtalize Silflex do for your dog?

  • Improves joint flexibility
  • Improves bone density and strength
  • Improves the mobility
  • anti aging effect
  • Supports healing of wounds
  • Reduces muscle wastage
  • Builds strong nails and a shiny coat
  • Support the immune system

Dosage: Daily usage of 5 ml mixed with water or food. When introducing Silflex into your dogs routine; for the first month use 15 ml, second month use 10 ml and later a daily use of 5 ml. Silflex is suitable for dogs of all ages.

To see the effects within your dogs, you must use Silflex for 2-3 months, to allow time for the supplement to aid your dogs system.

Composition: méthylsulfonylméthane, glucosamine sulfate, Silicic acid (E551a) 0,29% 

Analytical constituents: Moisture 98,26 % * crude protein 0 %  * crude fat 0 %  * crude ash 0,1 %  * crude fibre 0 % *   sodium 0 % 

Complementary food for dogs, not for human consumption.